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Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbal medicine utilizes a combination of plant, mineral & animal based ingredients for treatment of various disorders. The herbal formulas prescribed are highly individualized, custom designed for each patient with distinct body constitution and health problems. Traditionally, loose herbs are boiled in water and the resulting decoction is taken orally. However, patent herbal supplements in forms of pills, powders, concentrated granules, syrups, and tinctures are available for patients' convenience as well. Topical remedies such as creams, liniments, oils and herbal plasters are also useful for certain skin, muscle and soft tissue ailments.

Food Therapy

Acupuncture constitutes one of the major treatment modalities in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It involves insertion of ultra thin needles into specific acupuncture points on the body to regulate the flow of qi (life energy) and blood inside the vital organs and meridians (a network of pathways through which qi, blood, fluids and essence are transported). Such stimulation facilitates correction of different physiological dysfunctions and promotes the body's natural ability to heal itself. Extensive research has demonstrated the safety, effectiveness and applicability of acupuncture for wide range of conditions.

Many illnesses are long term consequences of improper diet, correctable through lifestyle & dietary modifications.

 In TCM, vegetables, grains, fruits, meat and seafood all have medicinal properties and uses. Appropriate consumption of specific foods not only helps to relieve symptoms, but may also reverse or slow down the progression of some diseases. More importantly, by supplying the body with the missing essential nutrients, food therapy can restore physiological balance, improve body function, strengthen immunity, and ultimately assist in disease prevention.